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Why You Can Only Start Farrell’s Four Times a Year

How many times have you joined a gym, or fitness program, and felt lost or like you were just thrown into the mix? Have you joined a gym that offers free weights and machines, but had no idea how to use them?

This is a problem with the typical “gyms”. They leave you guessing how to reach your goals. Unless you hire a personal trainer AND nutritionist, which can be expensive, you’re rarely going to reach your full fitness potential as a one-person squad (unless you are highly motivated, well educated in fitness and nutrition, and extremely disciplined). 

Joining a gym, with little to no knowledge of fitness, can be confusing and intimidating. It’s no wonder so many people quit so soon after joining. They are either intimidated or not seeing results. It’s no fault of theirs, but it is a waste of time and money.

You may wonder what this has to do with the Farrell’s 10-week session. Well, the most common question we get is, “Why do I have to start with a 10-week session?”

At Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping, we don’t consider ourselves a gym. We like to think of ourselves as a transformation center, invested in the health and wellness of each member. Our goal is to teach our students how to be successful.  We hang our hat on helping people achieve lasting results and educating them on how to live healthy for life. 

Group of Farrell's Members in gymWhile we have the core components of a fitness program, including fitness kickboxing, strength training, and nutrition coaching, we also provide experienced coaches that provide extra motivation and a high level of accountability.

Nutrition assistance, an often overlooked but essential part of any fitness and lifestyle change, is one of our biggest strengths. You can work out hard, but you’ll never outwork poor nutrition.

We provide specialized technique instruction, which helps folks avoid injuries and ensures the right muscle groups are used to maximize results.

Most importantly, we provide accountability. We understand that it’s easy to give up when it gets tough, but we won’t let you. We won’t accept excuses. We won’t let you slide under the radar. We care about your experience and success.

We make if fun and realistic. No fad diets or deprivation. Result-boosting workouts, simple nutrition guidance, and accountability are what you get when you enroll at Farrell’s.

Farrell's Before and After WinnerWe hold 10-week sessions so you can be part of a group and team that supports your goals. Everyone starts together, progresses together, and ends together. Not only does this build community, it also gives us the opportunity to ensure everyone stays on track with their goals. Every session, someone in that 10-week group wins $1,000.

After completing a 10-week session, students can enroll in Farrell’s Infinite Transformation (FIT) program, which offers additional challenges that help them reach new goals.

So while we’re not a typical gym, we also don’t provide typical results. We provide proven results . . . and we guarantee it.*

For more information about the Farrell’s program, contact your preferred location or register for a Farrell’s FREE TRIAL class and experience the difference for yourself!

Girl Kickboxing at Farrell's



* If you do not see improvement in at least 5 of 7 fitness tests we administer after 10-weeks we will not only refund all of your initial investment we will pay for three months to the gym of your choice (limited to $100). At participating locations. See store for more details. 

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